DaVinci Code, Renaissance magic and authentic peka!

In the 3rdC BC, Greek colonists from today's island of Vis (then known as Issa) began to settle the Dalmatian coast. One of their most important new outposts was Tragurion, today's present Trogir. Later ruled by Romans, Croats, Hungarians, Austrians—even Napolean's troops were here for a while—Trogir was always a prize. During its 400 years under Venetian rule, Trogir became a jewel. Merchants living on this tiny island (you can walk around it in 30 minutes) lavished their homes and public buildings with sublime art, sculpture and architecture. Today, under the protection of UNESCO as a World Heritage site, the town is not only a rare glimpse into what life was like during the Renaissance, but also how it flourished during the Middle Ages. Walking these ancient stone streets, many still crowned in the center to allow precious rainwater to be channeled into stone culverts on each side, is a real treat. Practically everywhere are vestiges of Trogir's past glory—a gorgeous medieval doorway, a Roman fragment embedded under a window to form a spectacular sill, astonishing life-like carvings created hundreds of years before Renaissance masters. The Old Town's crown jewel, the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, dates from 1240 and is profound, mysterious and magical. For lunch, another rare treat--authentic peka (octopus or veal and chicken) cooked under the “ bell“ over an open fire with secret spices and vegetables. With local wine, sitting in the courtyard of a 15thC merhants home, it's heaven.

We meet right here at 9AM and will have you back around 16PM

$475 per couple, including all transfers, local, professional licensed guide, gourmet lunch with wine and dessert, all admissions.

Available May 1-Oct. 15, with l day notice